Saturday, 7 October 2017

Thought Bubble

With thanks to Nicola Streeten of Ladeez Do Comics and Myriad, who I bumped into outside  the train station, we got a little bit lost on the way, but we made it to Thought Bubble! Hooray!
And I even managed to get in, so I could go and enjoy the day!
Thanks to everyone I spoke to, and all of you that loved The Unreal God And Aspects Of His Non Existent Universe!
I hope to be tabling perhaps next year with Cloudbusting too!

So, one of the highlights for me was a talk by Paper Girls author Brian K Vaughan :-D
Here's a snippet:

I guess maybe it was a bit of a silly ambition, with his enthusiasm about paper girls of the late 80's, and the artists that create his graphic novels, to imagine for one minute that a lady comics illustrator might work for one of Brian's creations, but then, I am very busy with my own!
And Brian was kind enough to sign my copy - thanks Brian!

I bumped into David Wynne of Unsworn, good to bump into friends :-)

This led to some mischief for #inktober!

These guys are cool, with comics and an album - too much work for me to contemplate all on my own, so good for you!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Thought Bubble

I've been off on my travels, found this graphic novel at The Comic Guru in Cardiff, and am currently contemplating selling some prints of my work.
Although a respite trip to visit family, it was worth taking a day in Cardiff to visit The Doctor Who Experience before it closed its doors the following month, and The Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea.

The Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea

But for now, I'm finally going to Thought Bubble in Leeds!
At least, I think I am!
I have train ticket booked...

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Jeremy Corbyn comic

My submission for the Jeremy Corbyn Comic for Self Made Hero.

Illustrating policies in the form of a beermat comic.

1. The Arts and creative industries are the backbone of cultural heritage.

2. Invest in the arts to rebuild foundations of enterprise.

3. Every child should be given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument or to act on stage.

4. Arts policy at the heart of government decision making.

5. Reinstating and expanding funding for arts in Britain. Bursary and scholarship scheme for the arts.

6. Protecting artists' and performers' minimum standards of artists' pay and conditions.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Calligraphy Club Illustrations

Calligraphy Club illustrations

I met Matthew Deyn of local bluegrass band Calligraphy Club, and he invited me to their gig at Madame Waffle over the Bank Holiday weekend.
I also found this old vintage music book that I once found in a charity shop, and has otherwise been languishing in my studio, and I'm working on a series of new illustrations for the band.


Calligraphy Club live at Madame Waffle

Calligraphy Club 
Testing out an old bamboo pen once made at college with the epic tutor Tony Westerby

Taking a line for a walk - illustration of Calligraphy Club live at Madame Waffle

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Fancy Footwork - Chromeo t-shirt illustrations

Look how good they are in my shop!

All the Chromeo custom converse merchandise

Who's this funky guy??

These are now unavailable due to a disagreement with management. 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Funk Lady and The Funk Lordz Custom Converse

Whilst I'm busy figuring out how to publish the graphic novel, I've been inspired to work on some new custom converse. I've been out teaching kids this week, and they often ask how I make them, so I'm also working on a video tutorial, although it would be better if I could run paid workshops to avoid the slavery aspect of Youtube...

(outer left) The Funk Lady wip
 #The Funk Lady plays the keytar. Looking a bit rough there.

Text without neon (inner left)

(inner right) Funk Lordz text and mixtape

right tongue - P Thugg
Finished (inner right) Funk Lordz custom converse

Finished pair

Finished Funk Lady and Funk Lordz Custom Converse (outers)

Finished Funk Lady and Funk Lordz Custom Converse (inners)